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How a group of ukrainian women built a safe haven in displacement

IOM works throughout Ukraine in partnership with the Government to improve living conditions for displaced people  – currently more than 5 million people remain internally displaced.

The personal touch: Ukrainian wood company polishes its eCommerce strategy

“Wood is the all-time best material for making goods,” says Volodymyr Popovych, founder of ‘LIGNO‘ in Western Ukraine.

Ukrainian doormats gaining European customers with EU4Digital and ITC support

Ukrainian company PJSC Dubno Plant of Rubber and Technical Goods (RTG) is one of the largest manufacturers of certified rubber products in Europe

‘We feel at home in Georgia’ — a Ukrainian activist’s new life in Batumi

“I became an activist only in 2014. I am an artist and used to paint on souvenirs. I went into activism after the Russian invasion. This field was always close to me, and I found myself defending h…

Born under fire: despite the war, new life in Ukraine prevails

A year ago, this maternity hospital in Chernihiv, northern Ukraine, was surrounded by Russian forces.

Without Fire and Water. A Migrant from Donetsk Provides Ukrainians with Delicious and Healthy Foo…

Tetiana Chernikova got the idea of producing portioned, ready-to-eat meals that require no additional preparation when full-scale war broke out

From Children’s Jackets to Tactical Backpacks: How Be Easy Creates Quality Items in Ukraine

“I’ve always been fascinated by production as a processю. For me, that’s the most interesting part of business. Many people don’t even realize how efficient production can be.”

‘I always wanted to study again’: how to get an education in the EU and change your country for t…

It has been challenging for me as I hadn’t been studying for 10 years and my previous education was in a completely different field

‘BODY. RESOURCE. BALANCE’ – helping Ukrainians to reset mind and body

Mindfulness, work with the body and breathing techniques are among the practices mastered by participants of the “BODY. RESOURCE. BALANCE” retreat

Social enterprise in a frontline city

From the very outset, the AnVita clinic saw its core mission in providing top quality healthcare to people in small towns.

Energy efficiency and sustainability: modernising water supply systems in Ukraine

Do they have water? Yes, they do. Does it flow somewhere? Yes, it does. People ring the alarm bell only when problems arise

Aton Service’s equipment cleans the air for our future

«A clean future in the clean present». This is the motto with which the Ukrainian company Anton Service has been working since 2004.
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