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Who will support civil society actors as burnout stalks Ukrainian activi…

As Russia’s war in Ukraine continues, the resilience of those affected is tested daily. The psychological toll on the Ukrainian population is profound, with widespread reports of trauma, anxiety, a…

Mariia has chosen green energy: setting up a breakthrough start-up in Uk…

Mariia Alipatova, aged 24, is the founder of a green energy start-up focused on helping Ukrainians have access to light, even during blackouts

Organic Export making Europeans fall in love with Ukrainian honey

Ukrainians have long valued organic honey, fresh from the hive, but European consumers have not been very familiar with such Ukraine-made products for quite a while

Pulled back up: Ukrainian sock and stocking maker loses nearly everythin…

Rubizhne, in the west of Luhansk Oblast in the east of Ukraine, once had a large hosiery factory that employed many of the city’s 50,000 residents, including Oleh Misiurenko, a technician who monit…

Rising from ashes: EU loan helps revive paper factory in Chernihiv, Ukra…

The story of Amethyst, a company that produces high-quality toilet paper and paper towels, begins in 1990, and in more than one way it’s a story of invention being born of necessity

Cystic fibrosis: leaving no patient alone in time of war

Для хворого на муковісцидоз кожен день – це боротьба за життя. Десятки таблеток, інгаляції, дихальні вправи, калорійна їжа – обов’язкові «ритуали», які потрібно повторювати з єдиною метою – вижити

Lifesaving Repairs: EU4Business helps re-launch diagnostic centre for ca…

Military occupation, looting, destruction of premises and equipment, and the loss of staff can cause multi-million losses and bring even the sturdiest business to its knees

From Trade to Production: How a specialized orthopaedic store chain from…

Medtechnika Orto, one of Ukraine’s largest national chains of health stores, headquartered in Dnipro, has been badly affected by Russia’s full-scale invasion and war on Ukraine

UNICEF brings cash assistance relief to families in Ukraine

Since the escalation of the war in 2022, UNICEF and partners have been working to support vulnerable families in Ukraine with cash transfers

Defying war, Ukrainian entrepreneurs bring wedding dresses to the world

Chernivtsi Oblast company Innocentia is an inspiring success story of a Ukrainian export-oriented business

Socks for Peace: how the Vilni project is supporting internally displace…

On 24 February 2022, the lives of all Ukrainians changed. Due to Russia’s full-scale invasion, many women were forced to leave their homes and move to safer places.

Celebrating traditional Ukrainian cultural identity in Rivne

In the city of Rivne in western Ukraine, the European Union is supporting a historical reconstruction park, Ostvytsya, creating an interactive quest for visitors to immerse themselves in the life o…
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