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The EU stands united in its unwavering support to Ukraine in the face of Russia’s full-scale invasion, and its cruel and ruthless warfare. The EU has stepped up its political, humanitarian, financial and military support to Ukraine and is imposing massive sanctions against the Kremlin to cripple its war machine.

Since the start of the Russian full-scale invasion, the European Union, its Member States and Financial Institutions – “Team Europe” – has mobilised almost €69 billion in grants and loans for macro-financial, budget, and emergency assistance to Ukraine.

€14 billion in military assistance under the European Peace Facility and by Member State directly to support Ukrainian Armed Forces was mobilised.

The EU Civil Protection mechanism delivers aid to Ukraine within the largest and most complex operation of the structure in its entire history. Support comes from all 27 EU Member States, as well as from Norway, Turkey, North Macedonia and the European Commission’s rescEU reserve stockpiles. It amounted over 88,000 tonnes worth EUR 630 million as of May 2023.

The Commission has allocated EUR 685 million for humanitarian aid programmes in Ukraine to be implemented by humanitarian partners on the ground.

The EU and its Member States will work with the International and European financial institutions, as well as international organisations and like-minded partners to continue providing relief to help Ukraine meet urgent financing needs and keep basic services going. Once peace returns, the EU and its Member States will help to rebuild a free and democratic Ukraine.

Within the communication campaign ‘Together, we are Europe’, we have been informing Ukrainians about the comprehensive support, solidarity and assistance of the EU, which has already been provided to Ukraine during the wartime. We also have been informing Ukrainians about the re-purposing of ongoing EU-funded projects to deliver emergency assistance to meet the pressing needs of the Ukrainian population and authorities.


Ukraine is a priority partner of the European Union. The EU supports Ukraine to ensure a stable, prosperous and democratic future for all its citizens, and is unwavering in its support for Ukraine’s independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The signing of the Association Agreement in 2014, including the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) opened a new chapter in EU-Ukraine relations. The implementation of the Agreement means closer cooperation in the sphere of politics and security, and the gradual economic integration of Ukraine into the EU single market. The agreement also offers a roadmap for reforms in Ukraine, including the introduction of European standards and best practices, the rapprochement of Ukrainian and EU citizens, and the creation of conditions for Ukrainian companies to compete on European and global markets. The fight against corruption, reform of the judiciary, constitutional reform and electoral law reform, improvement of the business and investment climate, energy efficiency as well as public administration reform and decentralisation are among the key items on this agenda.

To help Ukraine in this, the EU and European financial institutions have attracted more than EUR 17 billion in grants and loans since 2014 to stabilise Ukraine’s economy, support comprehensive reforms and improve the lives of its citizens.

On 23 June 2022, the European Council decided to recognise the European perspective of Ukraine and decided to grant the status of candidate country to Ukraine.

Ukraine and the EU #ForwardTogether

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  • “I dream of rebuilding Donetsk”: the story of a twice IDP from the Donetsk region

    The NGO “Zahody” (“Events”) was founded in Mariupol now continues to help internally displaced persons in the west of Ukraine.
  • Family connections: a source of strength in challenging times

    The contest invited professional photographers from the six Eastern Partnership countries to enter a set of photographs around the theme of ‘Family connections’.
  • Libraries as centers for informal learning for IDPs in Lviv

    More than 200,000 internally displaced persons moved to Lviv in the first four weeks after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine
  • EU programme House of Europe has launched yet another wave of Translatio…

    Ukrainian publishing houses will also have the chance to receive up to €5,000 to expand the range of books offered by local bookstores
  • Contest of art projects dedicated to understanding the war in Ukraine wi…

    The EU Delegation in Ukraine with the Lavra Kyiv City Art Gallery are holding a contest of art projects dedicated to understanding the war in Ukraine
  • EU grants for art projects about war

    Create a text, visual or audio work that reflects the damage to the environment caused by military actions in Ukraine.
  • KSE Ukraine Global Institute (UGI) and the Ministry of Economy of Ukrain…

    The Kyiv School of Economics and the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine with the financial support of the EU announce the KSE UGI grant program.
  • The Music StartUp: new educational program for musicians

    The Music StartUp program consists of a lecture course, practical work with musical mentors and the creation of a brand for your own project.
  • Cultural Residence: “Ukraine’s Artistic Response to the Russ…

    The EU Delegation to Ukraine is inviting 20 artists from EU member states and Ukraine to participate in a cultural residence.
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    The European Commission is implementing a project to facilitate a stronger participation of the 5 Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries
  • Call for Applications: GCRP 2023

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  • Ukrainian organisations are eligible to participate in the LIFE Programm…

    The EU provides various types of grants for the implementation of project activities in the spheres of the environment.
  • Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

    Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs holds a call for proposals to select organizations in Ukraine and the EU which will find partners in the EU.

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