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‘Together, We Are Europe’ campaign

Updated: 20/08/2023

Russia’s war on Ukraine is having a devastating impact and results in an already growing humanitarian crisis:

  • 14 million of Ukrainians displaced from their homes, of which 6 million are refugees in Europe and other countries (more than 10% of the population)
  • 8 million of internally displaced persons
  • 70% of oblasts (regions) suffered from the hostilities

From the first day of the full-scale of Russian invasion, since the 24th of February 2022, the EU has been standing with Ukraine providing strong political, financial, military and humanitarian support as well as imposing hard-hitting sanctions against Russia.

The EU provides wide range of assistance that covers direct support:

  • Immediate financial support, namely macro-financial assistance, budget support
  • Emergency assistance, crisis response via reorientation of programmes and new support
  • Military assistance under the European Peace Facility (financial support)
  • Joining global initiative “Stand up for Ukraine” and other pledging events
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Civil Protection Mechanism, emergency logistical hubs and rescEU etc.
  • Activation of the Temporary Protection Directive and facilitation of UA refugees’ lives in the EU (access to education, healthcare, jobs etc.)

as well as other types of support, like:

  • Ukraine’s electricity grid was synchronised to the EU
  • Suspension for one year of import duties
  • Establishment of the ‘Solidarity Lanes’
  • Strategic Reconstruction Plan “Rebuild Ukraine”
  • Dedicated campaigns (e.g. #ArtVsWar) and initiatives.

The European Union launches an all-Ukrainian awareness-raising campaign ‘Together, we are Europe’ in order to strengthen the EU as a key, firsthand and prioritized partner for Ukraine during the time of war supporting with comprehensive humanitarian and financial assistance.

Campaign Objectives:

  • Increase awareness among Ukrainians of wide range of the EU assistance already provided in key spheres/areas of life
  • Emphasize readiness and unique support from the EU in assisting Ukrainians during the war, which is vital for Ukraine and easy to understand by people
  • Create greater social perception that the EU is a committed partner to Ukraine who provides a tangible and impactful support in response to the Russian aggression

‘Together, we are Europe’ campaign will be focused on the EU direct support to Ukraine, highlighting the EU quick response to the full-scale Russian invasion in Ukraine in the following directions:

  • Financial support
  • Civil protection and humanitarian aid
  • Support to defenders

These have direct and significant impact on everyday life of Ukrainians such as payments to employees in social sector and pensioners; strong support of Ukrainian families-refugees in the EU states; humanitarian aid for internally displaced Ukrainians; and what is most important – financial support for military.

Within communication campaign ‘Together, we are Europe’ we have been informing Ukrainians about the comprehensive support, solidarity and assistance of the EU, which has already been provided to Ukraine during the wartime, as well as about re-purposing of ongoing EU-funded projects to deliver emergency assistance to meet pressing needs of the Ukrainian population and authorities.

All important information about the activities within the communication campaign will be collected on our website.

The European Union allocates billions of euros to ensure that the Ukrainian state functions stably even in wartime

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