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EU assistance in times of war in graphic format: mobile exhibition “Together we are Europe” to open in Lviv


On 29 October, 2022, a mobile exhibition of original works by Ukrainian illustrators on the full-scale Russian war and EU assistance to Ukraine during it will open in Lviv on Rynok Square.

The exposition is part of the all-Ukrainian communication campaign “Together we are Europe”, which the EU launched in August. The campaign aims to inform the widest audience of Ukrainians about the comprehensive EU support, solidarity and assistance, which European partners have consistently provided to Ukraine from the very beginning of a full-scale Russian invasion, and which is constantly increasing.

A series of drawings created by nine Ukrainian illustrators presents a wide range of assistance that Ukraine and Ukrainians receive – both within the country and in the EU, where over 8 million of Ukrainians escaping the war currently live.

The exhibition shows the extent of the assistance of the European Union and its Member States – “Team Europe” – , who quickly switched their decision-making mechanisms regarding financial, humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine to a “wartime mode”. Starting from February 2022, the EU provided assistance to Ukraine in the total amount of EUR 22.1 billion and is currently working on more.

“Millions of people in the very heart of Europe found themselves in the centre of a brutal war, and together with financial, military, political aid, Ukraine and Ukrainians have seen unwavering support and empathy from European citizens. I am touched and honoured to see how Ukrainian artists have transformed their vision of this support and community into their works” – said Remi Duflot, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

The exhibition opens in partnership with the Lviv City Council and will last until November 10, 2022. Then it will be transferred to other cities of Ukraine.

To learn more about the events of the communication campaign, visit the website. Also follow pages of the EU Delegation to Ukraine on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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