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Save even more light: On 09 June, legal entities will join the EU and Government Light Bulb Exchange Programme through web portal DIIA


On 09 June 2023, a new phase of the Ukrainian government’s and the European Union’s nationwide programme to replace old incandescent bulbs with energy-saving ones begins. Since the launch of the programme on 30 January 2023, millions of Ukrainian citizens have taken advantage of the opportunity to receive modern light bulbs free of charge. Now, legal entities operating in the medical sector (hospitals, clinics, dental clinics, laboratories and other medical institutions) and in the field of education (kindergartens, higher and vocational educational institutions, general education institutions, sports, music, driving schools and others) can join the exchange programme. Given the high electricity consumption at educational and medical institutions, the operation of energy-saving light bulbs will have a significant energy and economic impact and will be a significant support to the Ukrainian energy sector, which is recovering from the devastating winter attacks by the Russian aggressor.


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