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ZMINA.Rebuilding: international cooperation grants


🦄 This is an opportunity to receive up to EUR 60,000 for a project that will present Ukrainian culture abroad. The project should include a large-scale opening event and discussions on recovery and reconstruction.

Team up with an organisation from the EU, Ukraine or one of 13 other countries to organise a joint cultural project: a film screening, a photo exhibition, a theatre performance, a series of workshops on designing cities for people, etc. You will have nine months to implement the idea outside of Ukraine.

These are grants for tandems of Ukrainian and “Creative Europe” countries organisations.

Checklist for organisations:
✅ Are officially registered in Ukraine, the EU or other “Creative Europe” countries.
✅ Have at least two years of experience in culture, arts or the creative sector.
✅ Want to implement or continue an existing project.

By 7 April, submit the application via IZOLYATSIA online portal. The working language is English.

👉 Join the weekly online meetings with the team to learn more about the terms and conditions and to consult about the application.

🫶 IZOLYATSIA manages the programme in cooperation with Malý Berlín (Slovakia) and Trans Europe Halles (Sweden) with the financial support of the EU. This is one of thousands of EU opportunities for Ukraine.


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