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Mobility grants for media professionals

The International Mobility Grant is your ticket to a professional event you desire to attend in the EU. You can go to festivals and traineeships, meet leading experts and fellow colleagues, do research and present ideas, and even work on individual and cooperative projects. You do not have to worry about money as we will take care of the costs.

You will receive up to EUR 4,000 to cover expenses for travel, accommodation, food, visa, medical insurance, and registration fees.

We welcome:

  • Managers, editors, and journalists of regional and local media
  • Cultural journalists
  • Economic journalists
  • Investigative journalists
  • Fact-checkers

Please apply via our online platform.

Before applying, carefully read the application guidelines to learn more about the sum of the grant, the peculiarities of tranches to different legal forms, reporting, and the hints that will help you win the grant.

Deadline: 13 October 2023 at 15:00 Kyiv time