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Public control is the way to protect an environment and to increase the Quality of Life

Project Description
The main goal of this project is to encourage the public to protect the Constitutional rights to a safe environment and environmental protection, to promote the values ​​of a clean environment, to promote an environmentally healthy environment in the light of the European Green Agreement. Our key goal is to disseminate and develop effective and practical tools for environmental management and control among civil society in general and environmental NGOs in particular. The next goal of our project is to promote the formation and development of ecological awareness and active lifestyle among young people in accordance with European standards. We are ready to cooperate with schools and universities. We plan to form a clear plan for the management of plant waste, namely: to offer alternative solutions to reduce the concentration of harmful substances and greenhouse gases in the air suitable for use in industrial regions. We plan to increase the awareness of the population about the air pollution and give the necessary information about that.
Specific Objective
Coalition of public organizations of ecological direction with developed tools of ecological management has grown.
Distension of an online system of public monitoring of air quality in Ukraine
Development and dissemination of an operational online system about aggravation air quality
Formation of a system of usage of plant residues
Students will gain practical skills in monitoring, data processing, environmental law
Expected Results
The level of practical knowledge in the protection of environmental rights has increased in society, there is a tool for online notification of deteriorating air quality, a policy of treatment of plant residues has formed.
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Partnership that greens
Environment & climate change
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