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EU4Energy Phase II+

Project Description
This project will contribute to achieving the objectives set out in the Joint Staff Working Document “Recovery, resilience, and reform: post 2020 Eastern partnership priorities” as endorsed by the EaP Summit in December 2021. The EU will help the partner countries to increase energy security by encouraging energy market integration between the partner countries but also with neighbouring EU member states based on sound legislation and regulation.
The Project will: 1) Advance additional transposition/alignment work with EU acquis as provided by the Energy Community Treaty as well as the bilateral agreements with the EU not yet financed through other EU contributions: assist in drafting/revising, support in adoption and implementation of laws and secondary legislation related to energy reforms; 2) Assist Ukraine and Moldova in the ENTSO-E post-synchronisation process; 3) Support Ukraine in the supply of donations to ensure the functioning of the Ukrainian energy infrastructure 4) Increase institutional capacities and coordination at political and technical level.
The activities to be implemented within the project will vary according to the level of transposition/alignment and implementation of energy reforms and absorption capacity in partner countries. Due account will be paid to the previous activities completed under the EU4Energy Project and the existing and planned bilateral programmes, addressing key energy issues and filling critical national gaps.
Specific Objective
The overall objective of the project is the clean energy transition, increase energy security in three Eastern partner countries (Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine) is achieved and access to energy to the distressed population in Ukraine to mitigate the impact of the war facilitated”.
Expected Results
• Significant progress in the transposition/alignment and implementation of energy acquis in line with AA/ECT obligations for Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine achieved;
• Progress towards completion of the ENTSO-E post-synchronisation process for Moldova and Ukraine achieved;
• Supply of goods, such as equipment, repair materials, infrastructure components, fuel or capital, to ensure the functioning of the Ukrainian energy infrastructure provided.
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Priority Area:
Eastern Partnership, Energy, Infrastructure
EaP Countries:
Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine
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