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Restoring Ukraine Together: building inclusive platform for Ukraine's revival

Project Description

The aim of the project is to develop a participatory process including central and local governments and Civil Society in Ukraine at the reconstruction of the country during and after the war and achieve effective integration into the European Union. This will be accomplished by establishing a solid and reputable Expert Platform, which will engage in constructive dialogues with relevant international, national, and local stakeholders.
The ultimate objective of the Expert Platform is to actively participate in policy planning, decision-making, and the legislative process. Additionally, it aims to create a foundation for advocacy and outreach activities among various stakeholders, including experts, government officials, Civil Society, and the general public.
The role of such an Expert Platform will be key in the promotion of revival and reconstruction issues of Ukraine, with emphasis on key elements of Ukraine's European integration course, where EU and other international partners, together with the UA regions and civil society can elaborate the propositions for post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, jointly discuss burning issues and find new ways for constructive dialogue in selected areas (maritime infrastructure, culture, finance monitoring).
The project's overall objectives will be achieved by enhancing the participation of central and local governments, civil society organizations (CSOs), and civil society activists in the post-war recovery process, the EU integration of Ukraine, and by increasing the level of their awareness on revival and reconstruction Agenda of Ukraine among Civil Society.
Specific Objective
To develop a participatory process inclusive of central and local governments and Civil Society in Ukraine aiming at the reconstruction of the country during and after the war as well as at the effective integration into the European Union.

Stakeholder mapping to identify relevant stakeholders and potential partners, their priorities, advocacy goals and ways in which each operates within the reconstruction landscape.

Improved knowledge and increased involvement of central and local governments, Civil Society representatives, relevant experts, stakeholders, business communities to activities of overcoming challenges related to the Revival Agenda of Ukraine within the framework in selected by stakeholders mapping areas related to rebuilding of the EU integration process based on the baseline and end of the project sociological survey.

Common vision around a Revival Agenda for Ukraine in selected areas is reached amidst the Expert Platform and their recommendations will effectively influence the recovery process as well as the EU integration process, inclusive of the central and/or regional level.

Expected Results
A policy dialogue is put in place among experts, officials and other key stakeholders to agree on a common vision for the Revival Agenda for Ukraine in selected areas. As a result of this dialogue and analytical work of experts there will be 6-8 statements, declarations, policy papers and analytics published on Expert platform.

At the end of the project a 10-20% increase of awareness and involvement in the post-war recovery process of Ukraine and EU integration is expected among the local and central governments and CSO and other key stakeholders based on the socilogical survey results.

Conducting 6 conferences or public events on the issues related to Ukraine’s Recovery exercise and EU integration process.
Well established, improved communication and increased awareness amidst the public on the results of the work of the Expert Platform and issues related to reconstruction and Revival Agenda for Ukraine in selected areas. The public events will be a a networking platform for partnership to assist, support and direct stakeholders in their recovery efforts, based on the Revival Agenda for Ukraine and EU integration process. There will be 5-10 partnerships established during networking component of the events

Audience reached by the relevant communication interventions and activities – from 800000 to 1000 000 people.
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