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The Europe-Ukraine Desk

Project Description
“The Europe-Ukraine Desk” (EUD) aims to foster exchange and cross-border collaboration between journalists from Ukraine and Bulgaria (BG), France (FR), Germany (DE), Hungary (HU), Italy (IT), and Spain (ES). EUD connects media professionals with a genuine interest in the subject of Ukraine. The project consists of fellowship programmes, a subsequent grant programme for the development of joint publications, and a weekly newsletter summarising current discussions about Ukraine in BG, FR, DE, HU, IT, and ES.
Specific Objective
The overall objective is to strengthen the liaison between Media professionals in Ukraine and further European countries, particularly in Bulgaria, Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, and Spain.
Goal: Ukrainian voices and perspectives are an integral part of a - compared to the status quo - more comprehensive Western European (WE) media coverage of UA.
Expected Results
● Outcome#1: Media/ journalists from Ukraine and Western Europe are connected through a network of personal, resilient contacts.
● Outcome#2: EU media regularly publish first-hand reports on current events and debates in Ukraine.
● Outcome#3: Fact-based reporting on Ukraine amplified by Ukrainian voices weakens the impact of Russian disinformation campaigns in Western Europe.
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Priority Area:
Partnership that creates, Partnership that connects
Employment and entrepreneurship
Civil society, Cross-Border Cooperation, Media, Dialogue
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