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Greenhouse for Social Innovators

Project Description
For two years the project “GreenHouse for Social Innovators” will be strengthening social enterprises from Georgia, Belarus and Ukraine by aligning them with a community of skilled business mentors and potential investors through Bootcamp events and business meetups. It will enhance their economic resilience and positive social and environmental impact through targeted counselling support and business development advice. The project will strengthen intraregional networks and partnerships between young social innovators from project countries and their counterparts from Germany and the Netherlands. The major scope of activities will take place on the territory of Georgia, Poland and Lithuania. The best international trainers will be invited to from EU-based impact labs and social business associations to contribute.
Specific Objective
The overall objective of the project is to foster active participation of youth in the labour markets and social economy of Georgia, Belarus, and Ukraine and contribute to sustainable and smart growth, social cohesion and reduction of inequalities in the EaP societies.
The specific objective of the project is to strengthen local young social entrepreneurs' and trainers’ communities in Georgia, Belarus, and Ukraine via launching and running an Acceleration programme.
This program is uniquely designed to foster sustainable green and digital social business models, as well as facilitate international knowledge exchange and the dissemination of best practices, fostering cross-pollination of ideas and experiences with traditional businesses.
Expected Results
- the international community of 45 business-mentors from Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine equipped with 8K methodology of small and micro-businesses diagnostics as well as knowledge of green and digital innovations and mediation skills will be established;
- 45 social enterprises from project countries run by young entrepreneurs will have their business models diagnosed with advice from the project mentors and reveal the bottle necks and growth points to draft action plans;
- 45 business strategies will be developed and implemented with the support of the project mentors to increase financial resilience of the social startupers by 30-50 % and strengthen their social and environmental impact;
- through participating in the project startups will receive a chance to present themselves to traditional middle and big sized commercial companies with a view of receiving investment, non-monetary support, becoming part of their supply/production chains or beneficiaries of CSR-programmes;
- finally, 12 young experts on social entrepreneurship and youth leaders from Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine will establish contacts with social innovators from Germany and the Netherlands for future partnerships.
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Priority Area:
Business, Digital, Environment, Youth
EaP Countries:
Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine
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