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Further strengthening civil society engagement in the social sector in Ukraine (EU4CSOs EmpowerUA)

Project Description
The project "Further strengthening civil society engagement in the social sector in Ukraine" (EU4CSOs EmpowerUA) aims to improve the quality, variety, and types of social protection by developing the market of social services at the community level. Through capacity building and training, both territorial communities and specialized civil society organizations (CSOs) will be equipped to provide better social care services. Additionally, the project aims to empower civil society organizations to become more professional in delivering social care, making them visible and sustainable partners for community-based social care provision.
Specific Objective
The primary goal of EU4CSOs EmpowerUA is to improve the quality, diversity, and availability of social protection by developing the social services market at the community level. This improvement will involve strengthening capacity in several key areas:

- Empowering territorial communities to address social needs and deliver high-quality social services.
- Supporting CSOs involved in providing social services.
- Creating a more supportive and accessible environment for CSOs engaged in social work.
- Facilitating inclusive conditions for CSO participation in community-level dialogues.
- Encouraging partnerships among CSOs working in the social sector.
Expected Results
The project aims to:

1. Increase knowledge and practical skills of representatives of territorial communities:

- Cover 1400 territorial communities with explanatory and educational activities.
- Organize 12 information sessions.
- Conduct 48 training sessions, with a total of 1200 participants.
- Design and deliver 12 methodical meetings in an online format.

2. Increase the number of competitive purchases of social services at the community level:

-Enable 50 territorial communities to announce tenders for purchasing social services, thanks to the project's activities.
Implement 20 local advocacy initiatives by CSOs and public activities.
-Provide mentoring support to 200 CSOs to participate in tenders for the procurement of social services at the territorial community level.
-Offer mentoring support for 60 CSOs actively working in the social care sphere, enhancing their capacity to participate in competitions as social service providers.
-Hold 10 training events for CSOs on fundraising for the provision of social services.

3. Develop partnerships at the national level between CSOs - social services providers:

- Create an association (coalitions) of CSO social services providers.
- Organize 3 activities to establish the coalition of CSOs as providers of social services.
- Have 30 CSOs form the coalition of CSOs – social services providers.

4. Provide support and viability to CSOs during the implementation of social services:

- Enhance the capacity of 400 CSOs to provide social services in accordance with standards.
- Announce 3 calls for proposals and support 36 project proposals.
- Provide mentoring services to 76 CSOs.
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Partnership that empowers
Civil society
Civil society, Human rights, Local development
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