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EU4Youth Phase III – Strengthening sustainability and social inclusion of young people

Project Description
The EU4Youth Phase III - Strengthening sustainability and social inclusion of young people project aims to increase the financial sustainability of youth centers in Ukraine through the introduction of social entrepreneurship on their basis.

As part of the project, 8 youth centers will be selected, whose representatives will undergo 4 offline and 6 online trainings to improve professional competencies necessary for the implementation of social entrepreneurship. The YC teams will also receive mentoring and expert support in preparing business plans and implementing them.
Youth centers, whose representatives have been trained and created business plans approved by the project team, will receive financial support (subgrant) in the amount of EUR 15,000 each to implement these business plans for the implementation of social entrepreneurship.

At the stage of social entrepreneurship implementation, the YCs will hold 24 meetings with young people to promote individual and small businesses, as well as establish partnerships in the EaP region and EU countries.

At the end of the project, a final event, the Social Entrepreneurship Forum, will be held with the participation of representatives of Ukrainian youth centers and all interested parties to share the experience gained during the project implementation period.
Specific Objective
Overall objective is to enhance the financial sustainability and professional competencies of YCs in Ukraine through the establishment and operation of social enterprises.

1. Enhancement of professional competencies needed for individuals responsible for social enterprises, vital for establishing and operating a social enterprise based on YCs (business idea development, target audience identification, finding an optimal financial model, tax payments, marketing and promotion, legal aspects of entrepreneurial activities, investment attraction, business plan development).
2. Creation and sustained operation of social enterprises based on eight YCs.
3. Improvement of financial literacy among young people who attend YCs, promotion of individual and small entrepreneurship among the youth.
4. Enhancement of financial literacy among YCs initiating and developing social enterprises.
5. Establishment of cooperation with YCs in the EaP and EU countries for exchange purposes.
Expected Results
1. Establishment of social entrepreneurship on the basis of 8 YC in Ukraine to increase their financial sustainability;.
2. Increasing the level of financial literacy among young people and promoting entrepreneurship;.
3. Enhancing the capacity of YCs to provide high-quality services for young people;
4. Inclusion of young people from various social groups (including internally displaced persons, individuals with disabilities, rural youth, etc.);
5. Creating a conducive environment for learning, development, and meaningful recreation, and addressing socially significant community issues.
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Priority Area:
Business, Civil society, Eastern Partnership, Education, Jobs, Skills, Youth
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