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The community of Dnipropetrovsk region has developed and approved their investment passport


The Novopokrovka community in Dnipro district, Dnipropetrovsk region, includes more than thirty settlements. Each of them took inventory. They studied what businesses were working or could launch in the future. They analyzed crucial factors, such as communications, logistics, and human resources, and presented the findings in an investment passport developed with assistance from the U-LEAD with Europe experts, the Regional Military Administration reports.

Five communities of the region joined the project. None of them has ever had an investment passport. But now the investment passport has become necessary, as the country is about to be rebuilt. It serves as a roadmap for developing a particular territory,” said Olena Tertyshna, Director of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Office of the U-LEAD with Europe Program.

The Novopokrovka community is focusing on entrepreneurship in agriculture. Its infrastructure can be used for breeding cattle and establishing milk and meat processing plants.

Launching a cheese factory was offered as a business idea. The community has the raw materials for this business – cows and goats are bred there. A pallet production facility can be arranged in abandoned garages. Each of these ideas has the necessary infrastructure,” said Mykola Durman, U-LEAD with Europe Program expert.

While working on the investment passport, experts taught the community representatives how to identify and present opportunities and negotiate with investors.

This document is not only about new business opportunities. It is also about existing businesses that need investment. We will present it on business platforms. We hope to create new jobs and raise additional funds for developing our settlements in the future,” said Liudmyla Murkovych, head of the Novopokrovka community.

There are also favorable conditions for investors here. The single tax is reduced by 25% and the land tax by 50%.



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