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CSO Meter: Ukraine 2023


In the second year of the full-scale war, Ukrainian civil society adapted even more and strengthened its capabilities to respond to new challenges and threats.

This is stated in the annual national environmental assessment report for civil society “CSO Meter: Ukraine 2023”, which was presented on December 14 in Kyiv. The report reflects the changes that took place in the environment of civil society in 2023.

At the presentation of the report “CSO Meter: Ukraine 2023” the Programme Officer for Civil Society Support of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, Julia Jacoby, noted the incredible resilience of civil society in Ukraine and its genuine commitment to European values, and at the same time reminded that today we cannot forget the numerous victims of this war, including representatives of civil society.

Despite the fact that the war negatively affected the research indicators, experts note that the state and CSOs not only learned to live in war conditions, but also made significant progress in legislation and practice.

According to the report:

In 2023, civil society and the state as a whole are much more focused on creating favourable conditions for further post-war recovery.

NGOs in Ukraine have further strengthened their ability to monitor, control the actions of the authorities, and domestic and international advocacy.

Among the positive trends: the search service “Register of VAT Payers” resumed operation, and access to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs, and Public Organizations has been partially restored.

At the same time, today, ensuring the physical and psychological safety of public activists, especially in temporarily occupied territories, still remains one of the biggest challenges for CSOs.

An updated version of the report will soon be available at:

More info in the recording of the live broadcast of the presentation.

The development of the CSO Meter is being implemented by Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research together with the European Center for Not-for-Profit Law and a group of non-governmental organisations from Eastern partnership countries, within the framework of the project “CSO Meter: A Compass to Conducive Environment and CSO Empowerment”, financed by the European Union.


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