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TogetherWeActFest highlights EU support to Ukraine, its civil society and media


On 25 May, the TogetherWeActFest, organised by the EU Delegation to Ukraine on the occasion of the Europe Days, gathered influencers, experts, CSOs and media representatives, officials, Kyiv residents and visitors at the Mystetskyi Arsenal.

The festival was a flagship public event organised in the framework of the nationwide communication campaign ‘Together We Act. Together We Are Europe’, which was launched on May 3 and will last until the end of July 2024, across all regions of Ukraine.

At the TogetherWeActFest, civil society organisations presented their activities supported by the European Union. At the EU pavilion, visitors were able to get comprehensive information about EU-Ukraine relations and the EU’s wartime assistance to Ukraine, including to CSOs and the media. Currently, 2,330 projects are being implemented in Ukraine, and more than €104 million has been allocated to support this sector.

The programme also included open-air movies, creative workshops, a discussion panel on EU assistance and the role of civil society in paving the way to the EU, contests and activities for the whole family.

A special highlight of the TogetherWeActFest was the decoration of a unique Europe-Ukraine ceramic mural, which survived the Russian attack on Boychuk Academy. Together with children from Fastiv, EU Ambassador to Ukraine Katarína Mathernová and Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Olha Stefanishyna joined in decorating the mural. It will soon decorate one of the EU’s administrative buildings in Brussels.

“The relentless will to fight and defend freedom and democracy in Ukraine is a whole society effort. The many individuals that are active in civil society organisations and media are an essential part of it,” said Katarína Mathernová. “Against all odds, Ukrainians have shown unprecedented force and resilience as well as a deep commitment to European values. The European Union values our close partnership with the civil society and independent media and will continue relying on it throughout Ukraine’s EU integration.”

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