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The next package of EU sanctions will cost Russia over €10 billion


The next package of sanctions against Russia, which is currently being considered by the EU member countries, will target the most vulnerable areas of the Russian military industry and will cost Russia over €10 billion, stated President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen at a press conference on the results of the Special Meeting of the Council of Europe, as reported by an Ukrinform correspondent.

This sanctions package will cost (Russia – ED) over €10 billion. The sanctions will target goods that are almost irreplaceable somewhere else. We look deep into the “war machine” of Russia, determine either technologies or spare parts that are being used by the military complex. In many cases we are the unique supplier, and we can ban exports of these products,” stated the president of the European Commission.

She noted that these proposals on the preparation of the 10th package of EU sanctions against Russia are being discussed at the level of EU member countries and the final decisions have not been made. Therefore, it is too early to specify the list of the sanctions. Nonetheless, the work on them is under way.

When Ukrainians shot down Iranian drones, they analysed their components, and if there were components in them that come from our region, the European Union, we make sure that there is a clear ban on supplying these components. We analyse this issue very deeply, and it is important,” added von der Leyen.

As it was earlier reported, since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the EU has provided Ukraine with substantial political, economic, humanitarian and military assistance.

One of the areas of EU’s support to Ukraine is the introduction of now 9 packages of sectoral economic and individual sanctions against Russia, which considerably limit the possibilities of its “war machine” and budget proceeds.

At the moment, the EU member countries are considering the preparation of the 10th package of sanctions against the aggressor country and companies that are helping Russian go around the sanctions that are in place.


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