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Institutional and Policy Reform for Smallholder Agriculture

Project Description
The Project is aimed to support the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine in carrying out Institutional and Policy Reform for Smallholder Agriculture and the Ministry Environment Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine to support the reforms in forestry sector.
Specific Objective
Project aims to improvement of the capacity of central government and decentralised Oblast/ATC entities tocreate a positive enabling environment for the sustainable private sector development in rural areas in general, and the agriculture sector specifically, thereby improving livelihoods of smallholder farmers, encouraging the use of good agricultural practices (GAPs), and supporting ongoing reforms in the fisheries and forestry sectors.
Expected Results
Result 1: Functioning and reformed Ministry for the Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture
9MDETA) able to implement an approved Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) strategic action plan, including further legal approximation related to the Association Agreement (AA)/Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) and the ministry’s priorities.
Result 2: Functioning agriculture policy unit (APU) within MDETA to ensure agriculture policy is evidence-based, properly monitored and linked to medium term expenditure planning.
Result 3: Executive agencies related to forestry and fisheries have devolved functions and are responsible for implementation of sector policy, particularly concerning smallholder activities.
Result 4: A long-term national strategy and related policies for GI implementation are supported by a legal, institutional and control framework harmonised with EU practices, thereby ensuring the protection of Ukrainian and EU GIs, creating opportunities for added
value products, and stimulating diversification and local initiatives, in particular for small producers.
Result 5: Functioning and reformed regional governments at oblast and ATC levels are able to implement an approved ARD strategic action plan and the AA/DCFTA.
Result 6: State support programmes effectively target private sector activities at decentralised level, particularly related to sustainable small farm development and rural diversification.
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Priority Area:
Partnership that empowers, Partnership that protects, Partnership that creates
Civil society, Governance & public administration, Agriculture and rural development
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