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Mainstreaming sustainable development in Ukraine in line with the European Green Deal

Project Description
The action aims to contribute to mainstreaming sustainable development and improving environmental governance in Ukraine. The efforts made and planned by the EU (European Green Deal, EGD) need to be supported by other countries in the region for addressing the global climate problems. The action offers to use positioning of the civil society in Ukraine to draw attention and to raise awareness of the challenges, to bridge gaps in understanding and help unite forces, as well as to come up with creative solutions. The action is also focused on establishing better and more transparent environmental governance by helping to coordinate public policies in a way that mainstreams EGD principles.
The action aims to translate sectoral policies for the achievement of goals in energy, climate and environment into the mindset of various audiences. The EGD priorities and their implementation will be monitored in the framework of Ukraine’s commitments, including those under the Association Agreement (AA). The logic is to raise awareness about a coherent approach to the issues that used to be viewed separately in Ukraine, including energy, environment, climate, as well as resource and environmental governance. The policy track of the action will combine advocacy measures (e.g. policy dialogue, drafting recommendations etc.) with awareness raising activities and the general approach of facilitating closer links among stakeholders to enhance implementation capacities.
The thematic framework of the action will include environmental governance in general and specific issues in the fields of air quality, waste and resource management, nature protection, climate change, as well as energy markets’ reforms, energy efficiency and clean energy transition. These issues will be embodied into the action’s activities and will be key to all actions to be taken, including educational (workshops, courses etc.), informational (media materials, online tools etc.), analytical (monitoring, policy proposals, recommendations etc), as well as networking (policy dialogue, hackathons, multi-stakeholder group discussions etc).
The action will take a focused approach to developing communication directly to citizens to raise awareness and translate the role of citizens in clean energy transition and sustainable development into Ukraine’s discourse. In this regard, the action aims to closely cooperate with public opinion leaders, including the journalist community, and to embrace IT technologies. The action will provide support to CSOs, especially those acting locally, to build their capacity to work with the relevant issues. The team will also educate various groups online (courses/platform), enhancing civil society networks, and hold information campaigns.
The action will continue the track started under the previous action with the Energy Reforms coalition, bringing together an expanded Ukrainian expert community on the relevant topics and helping to boost their capacity. The action will also seek to demonstrate that a transition to ‘green’, climate-neutral economy will accelerate the post-COVID-19 economic recovery.
Specific Objective
SO1: Increasing awareness of the Ukrainian stakeholders of the policy, strategies, available instruments, and indicators of reaching sustainable development goals. Building of public awareness, interest and demand for actions in light of the EGD.

SO2: Supporting prioritization of the EGD goals in the national political agenda, including energy, environmental and climate policies, and setting the scene for their efficient implementation.

SO3: Facilitating the implementation of EGD goals in practice through strengthening multi-stakeholder dialogue at the national, regional and local levels on the priorities of sustainable development and climate-neutral economy.
Expected Results
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Partnership that creates, Partnership that greens, Partnership that greens, Partnership that empowers
Education, Research and Innovation, Energy & energy efficiency, Environment & climate change, Civil society
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