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Support of independent local media in the liberated and temporarily occupied territories, strengthening their capacity and stability

Project Description
The media outlets should continue fighting the disinformation and Russian propaganda on the local level as they clearly understand how Russian propaganda works in the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine and how to resist it effectively, providing the local communities with verified information and blocking Russian fakes and hate speech.

Most of the communication channels available to the Ukrainian media are highly competitive. The only way not to lose your audience is to create your style, including the tone of communications. This guide is a step-by-step guide to creating a tone of communication.

It tells in detail about the most important stages, rules, and tools for working with the tone of media communication. Plus, we've collected real-life media examples of their mistakes and best practices that will come in handy when you're writing.
Specific Objective
The overall objective of the Action is to ensure access to independent local journalism on liberated territories by preserving existing local news outlets and launching new ones using the best practices with the highest standards of journalism and turn them into community leaders to strengthen their engagement with citizens and local communities, fight disinformation and control regional recovery efforts.

In terms of specific objectives, this means:
1. Local communities on liberated and temporarily occupied territories were provided with the access to independent journalism and verified information
2. The fighting against disinformation was ensured on liberated and temporarily occupied territories
3. The community control over recovery process on liberated and temporarily occupied territories was ensured and the engagement between media and local communities was strengthened.
4. The visibility of the local media outlets and the number of cross-regional and cross-European partnerships between Ukrainian and foreign media workers was increased through the building of the educational platform “MediaMaker”.
5. The journalists and media managers were provided with support based on MDF Coordination Centre that suggested a platform for assistance, coordination, partnership, and extensive experience exchange.
Expected Results
1. 25 media outlets became community leaders on liberated and temporarily occupied territories.
2. 10 media outlets were re-launched on liberated and temporarily occupied territories.
3. 5 media outlets were launched in the regions called news deserts.
4. The strong media community with up to 60 media outlets was built, and the number of partnerships between European and Ukrainian media increased.
5. 15 media outlets joined the MDF Coordination Centre to build new partnerships and receive assistance in setting up new workplaces in Chernivtsi, which proved to be the safest regional center in Ukraine.
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Priority Area:
Civil society, Digital, Education
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