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Crypto Archaeologists: NFT Collection of Motanka dolls

Traditions can are the source of strength and identity. This is by Ukrainian crypto archaeologists who, with the support from the EU, are creating an NFT collection of Motanka dolls. The history’s millennial heritage continues to flourish in the virtual modernity.

Russian war will not stop Ukrainian culture


About the project

The project was born as a modern, playful interpretation of the traditional Ukrainian Motanka doll and the conventional culture of various regions reflecting changes that have taken place in the world, soul searching for identity and values of man. The project focuses on developing an in-game NFT collection of the national Motanka dolls to support and update the Ukrainian cultural heritage. The idea behind the online game offers a look at the world of the future – a world of technology, a world with erased boundaries between a living being and inorganic life, between artificial intelligence and a biological brain. In this world, there is a constant search for new artifacts, new knowledge, and for interaction between different systems. The project characters vividly reflect the Ukrainian culture in its modern perusal.

The idea behind the collection is to promote Ukrainian folk culture in the present-day world of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts, in particular through developing an interesting NFT vision with elements of a game and community building. EU support helped make this vision come to life from the very start and in the future, the authors of the project plan to expand the NFT collection with new characters, establish their use in promoting EU initiatives and programmes in Ukraine, as well as market the collection and the use the proceeds for the recovery and restoration of cultural items and facilities destroyed by the Russian aggressor, primarily the Maria Pryimachenko Artistic Museum.

Project timeline: 2022

Project supported by

House of Europe is an EU-funded programme fostering professional and creative exchange between Ukrainians and their colleagues in EU countries and the UK. The programme focuses on different professional fields: culture and creative industries, education and youth work, social entrepreneurship, and media. This encompasses 20+ separate programme lines enabling to keep working despite the war, to carry out personal projects, or to enrol in courses, conferences, and internships in the EU and the UK. The programme funds cultural cooperation and literature translation between Ukraine and the EU and the UK, along with the revitalisation of cultural infrastructure. House of Europe supports the safeguarding of Ukrainian cultural heritage and the development of creative and educational start-ups. Various learning and matchmaking opportunities such as Digital Labs, workshops, discussions, conferences, and hackathons are offered.

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Project implemented by

The KITSoft Crypto Archaeologist team built at the Hatathon organised by the House of Europe