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EU launches new communication campaign ‘Together We Act.Together We Are Europe’ to showcase its support for and role of Ukrainian civil society and independent media


As the Russian illegal war against Ukraine persists, the European Union stands in solidarity with Ukrainian civil society and independent media. On 3 May 2024, World Press Freedom Day, the EU announces launch of the all-Ukrainian communication campaign ‘Together We Act. Together We Are Europe’ communication campaign. This initiative aims to shine a light on the pivotal role of civil society and media in Ukraine’s resilience and reconstruction, showcasing their achievements thanks to EU support.

Since the first days of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, as early as on 24-26 February 2022, the EU approved an unprecedented decision – to allow their CSO grantees in Ukraine reorient and use previously allocated funds for the needs of defending Ukraine, saving lives, and addressing the urgent needs of the citizens. Over the time of the full-scale war the EU has significantly increased its support to civil society. As of Q1 2024, 63 grant projects are operating in Ukraine in the field of CSO support with total EU funding scoring over EUR 104 million. This has strengthened the ability of Ukrainian CSOs and media to protect human rights, support socially vulnerable groups, enhance the accountability of public authorities, and promote European integration reforms, even in the face of war.

Now, when Ukraine is facing the consequences of the brutal military aggression, the new challenge of rebuilding what was destroyed arose in front of Ukrainian civil society: a survey conducted by the East Europe Foundation shows that over 90% of CSOs plan to be engaged in rebuilding the country or a specific community. Welcoming these initiatives, the EU designs new projects and programmes to support them.

The EU Ambassador to Ukraine, Katarína Mathernová:

‘Ukrainian society has shown incredible resilience. It quickly adapted to the new difficult conditions of full scale war and has become a partner of the government in defending the country. The European Union has provided the civil society and independent media of Ukraine with all possible support since the very beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion. Support for the civil society about resilience and about achieving peace. And it is also about Ukraine’s path to the membership in the EU. After all, it has been the European choice of freedom, democracy and the rule of law that have guided millions of Ukrainian citizens who are now fighting for the future of their country. And also for the reforms that are necessary to undertake for its European choice.

The Civil society and the free media have been important agents of change in Ukraine. The European Union has provided and will continue to provide them with comprehensive support. The EU stands shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine and the Ukrainians. Together We Act!’

Key topics of the ‘Together We Act. Together We Are Europe’ communication campaign:

  • Support for reforms that bring Ukraine closer to the European Union and promote Ukraine’s alignment with EU standards and values
  • Foster community mobilisation and cooperation among different civil society groups
  • Provide assistance to CSOs working with the most vulnerable groups, including psychological support
  • Promote importance of independent media as a cornerstone of democratic transformation and bulwark of fighting disinformation and debunking fakes spread by Russian propaganda.

Running from May to July 2024 across Ukraine (excluding occupied territories and combat zones), the campaign will feature informational and educational events, interactive sessions, discussions, and workshops involving CSOs and the public. Also, press tours and press meetings will be organised for the media. Events will be held in Kyiv and regions of Ukraine.

Information partner of the campaign: Suspilne.

Join the events of the communication campaign “Together We Act. Together We Are Europe” and follow the events on our website, and pages of the EU Delegation to Ukraine on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter/Х.

Media contact:

Tetiana Voronina, Media Expert, ‘Communicating the European Union for Ukrainians’ (CEU4U), an EU-funded project implemented by Ecorys, , +38 067 501 11 83

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