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Ukraine Support Task Force assists delivery of power grid repair kits to Ukraine


On 3 June, the Ukraine Support Task Force in collaboration with Pfisterer, a German provider of electrical services, announced the delivery of essential power grid repair kits to a designated hub in Ukraine.

“The repair kits delivered by Pfisterer are crucial for the maintenance and restoration of Ukraine’s electrical infrastructure. These kits will enable local teams to perform necessary repairs on damaged power grids, thereby helping to ensure a more reliable energy supply across the country,” said a press release by the Energy Community Secretariat, which manages the Ukraine Support Task Force. The Secretariat is co-chaired by the European Commission.

Established in early March 2022, the Ukraine Support Task Force supports Ukraine by assisting the door-to-door delivery of specialised energy equipment, fuels and materials needed to repair infrastructure damaged during the war. So far, the task force has facilitated 144 in-kind donations and channelled over 5,600 tons of energy-related equipment from over 100 donors across 24 countries to Ukraine. The delivery of assistance is coordinated under the Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM).

On the same day, the Secretariat announced the completion of a “thorough inspection” of vital energy equipment and fuel delivered under the Ukraine Energy Support Fund. The inspection aimed to ensure donors that their contributions are used for the intended purpose and are making a tangible impact on Ukraine’s energy sector.

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