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Higher Vocational School #22 in Sarny received modern equipment from the EU


The European Union, in partnership with the German Development Bank KfW and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, handed over nine units of road construction equipment to Higher Vocational School #22 in Sarny within the project “EU4Skills: Modernisation of Vocational Education and Training Infrastructure in Ukraine”, implemented by the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund.

In addition to the large equipment, the college has also received four spare parts and three educational units for the modernisation of training for students in the profession of “Road machinery operator”.

Henrik Huitfeldt, Head of Section for Public Finance, Business Support and Social Policies at the EU Delegation to Ukraine: “I am happy to hand over contemporary road construction equipment procured by the EU to the Sarny Vocational Education and Training school. The European Union remains committed to supporting Ukraine in developing a contemporary vocational education infrastructure. Students in vocational schools represent the future of sectors such as agriculture, industry, and construction. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that they have optimal conditions for acquiring professional and technical education.”

“The creation of new, modern workshops not only enhances the quality of education and helps in forming competent professionals, but also demonstrates to businesses that vocational education is ready to meet contemporary challenges and is worthy of investment and cooperation. We are grateful to our international partners for continuing to invest in Ukrainian vocational education institutions, and consequently, in the Ukrainian economy,” noted Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, Dmytro Zavhorodniy.

Modernisation of education is also taking place in other Vocational and technical schools. Thus, within the EU4Skills programme, 96 units of agricultural, road construction equipment, and sewing equipment were provided to institutions in the Poltava, Rivne, Chernivtsi, and Mykolaiv regions. In six other institutions repair and construction work is ongoing.

Background information:

The EU-funded “EU4Skills: Modernisation of Vocational Education and Training Infrastructure in Ukraine” project is part of the “EU4Skills: Better Skills for Modern Ukraine” programme (Component 3) and aims to update and modernise the equipment and infrastructure of VET schools in Ukraine. The project aims to create a modern VET infrastructure, that contributes to increased attractiveness for students. The project works on laying the foundation for effective, demand-driven education that equips students with skills that the Ukrainian labour market seeks. On behalf of the European Union and the German Development Bank KfW, the project is implemented by the Ukrainian Social Investment Fund.

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