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EUAM Ukraine starts operations under new three-year mandate


On 1 June, the European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) Ukraine officially began its operations under a new and reinforced three-year mandate, following a decision by the EU Council of Ministers on 14 May 2024. This mandate will last until 31 May 2027.

Under the new mandate, EUAM Ukraine will concentrate on key priorities to support the reform of Ukraine’s civilian security sector and build the capacity to respond to wartime challenges and post-war needs.

The Mission will support the Ukrainian authorities in improving border control, including maritime border control, by facilitating closer cooperation between the agencies concerned.

“Strengthening Ukraine’s capacities in Integrated Border Management is crucial for the country’s EU integration and for preventing and combating border-related and transnational crime, such as all forms of smuggling and trafficking in human beings, small arms, and light weapons,” EUAM said in a press release.

The Mission will also intensify its support to the Ukrainian authorities in the investigation and prosecution of international crimes committed in Ukraine, ensuring accountability for international crimes committed during the Russian full-scale invasion.

In addition, the Mission will step up its support to the Ukrainian authorities in re-establishing the rule of law and stabilisation in the liberated territories through capacity building of law enforcement agencies that are first to take control of liberated areas once the front moves on.

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