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EUAM conducts training for Lviv forensic experts on advanced technology in crime scene management


Last week, the European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) Field Office Lviv, in collaboration with the Lviv State University of Internal Affairs, conducted a crime scene management training.

This session was designed to harness 3D scanning technology to enhance the capabilities of forensic officers from the National Police of Ukraine (NPU) in the Lviv Region and educators who train both future and current police officers.

The programme focused on practical scenarios and addressed the pressing need for advanced technological support in forensic investigations, especially in investigating international crimes such as drone and missile attacks.

“Previously, we handed over a 3D scanner to the Lviv State University of Internal Affairs. Now, with this training, law enforcers have gained the necessary knowledge and skills on how to use this advanced technology in real-life scenarios,” said Aimar Koess, an EUAM Senior adviser.

In addition to technical skills, the training offered participants tailored advice from experienced trainers from Cybid, an EU company specialising in law enforcement training and the development of forensic software and hardware. This guidance is essential for understanding the various applications of different 3D scanners in forensic investigations.

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